application to play a friendly football match

23 November 2022

The Principal
Insight University College

Subject: Seeking Permission to Arrange a Friendly Football Match

We, the serious and studious students of class twelve of your college, would like to state that our college is a very well-known institution across the country. Every year many students uphold the name of the institution by making brilliant results. However, we regret that we lag behind in games and sports. We believe that complete education is not limited to only the classroom. Extracurricular activities like games and sports also significantly shape a student's life. We are happy to let you know that some of us are good students and very enthusiastic about games and sports. We are even associated with different local football clubs. Therefore, we want to arrange a friendly football match that will not only heighten the institution's fame but also encourage other students of our college in games and sports. We are looking forward to arranging the match between Dhaka College and ours next week.
We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant us to arrange the friendly football match and oblige thereby. 

Sincerely Yours
Arup Roy
On behalf of the students of class twelve
Insight University College


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