8 October 2022
119, DIT Road, Gulshan

Dear Kamal,
I was shocked to be informed about your incapability to join my birthday party at my residence. Though the event was adorned with the presence of my near and dear ones, I missed your presence highly. Their activities and love for me made the function a joyous and memorable moment in my life. I was flooded with innumerable rare and precious gifts you would adore if you would see them. I think these gifts will be very useful in my daily life. 

But the gift you sent me has been the best one. You are my best friend; you know my taste more than anyone else. You know I've finished reading Noah Harari's Sapiens and Homo Deus. So, sending me Harari's third book, 21st Lessons for 21 Century as a gift has really impressed me most because I was really waiting for the author's third book to read. Moreover, gifting me two more books I was talking about many days earlier proves how much you think about me. To me, your gift is a symbol of love and true friendship. I just want to thank you from the core of my heart. I pray to God for your healthy and prosperous life.

With best regards to you and love to all.

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