23 September 2022
119, DIT Road, Gulshan

Dear Javed,
It's been a few months since I last wrote to you. You know that my HSC examination which will begin next week has kept me busy. Today, I've stolen a moment from my busy schedule so that I can let you know how I'll spend my time after the HSC examination. 

As I'm a lover of nature, I feel a strong pull from my root. So, I've decided that I'll spend the whole vacation in my village home which stands on the bank of the Surma river. My ears want to hear the songs of birds, the sounds of wind, the leaves of trees, and river waves. My eyes want to see the open sky, vast fields that touch the sky, and the sun's rays on the vast lands full of crops, My tongue wants to taste the foods full of natural ingredients, and my nose wants to smell the fragrance of the flowers. 

You know that my soul revives when I read books. So, I'll take some books with me. After reading Noah Harari's Sapiens and Homo Deus, I've decided to take another book by the same author (21st Lessons for 21st Century) together with other books with me. 

As my village home is a big one. I've decided to dedicate a piece of land to a rich library I'll build there so that the meritorious students and other book lovers of my village can find the opportunity of reading rare and expensive books.  

No more today. Convey my best regards to your parents and love to your younger brother and sister.

Your loving friend


  1. This letter has taken me to my literature class. A matured piece of writing


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