20 September 2022
119, DIT Road, Gulshan

Dear Zayed,

My annual exam has ended today. I know that your annual exam will finish the day after tomorrow. I'm writing to you to inform you that I along with my friends have decided to go on a picnic at Saint Martin next week.  Tomorrow, we'll hire a minibus that will leave Kanchkura University College compound on Friday at 8 am. I'll be highly glad if you join us. You are my best friend. Your presence will surely add more delight. I would like to inform you that some of our teachers have agreed to guide us. Now, we the friends are keeping ourselves busy in ensuring necessary foodstuffs, utensils music, and sports items. We'll also arrange cricket and football matches there. I hope that the picnic will surely not only educate but also energize us by removing monotonous feelings of city life.

I hope that you'll not miss the fun and chance of gaining new experiences a picnic can offer. No more today. Convey my regards to your parents and love to your younger brother and sister. 

Yours ever

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