19 September 2022

119, DIT Road, Gulshan

Dear Daddy,

Your letter that I received today reveals that you are worried about my preparation for the HSC examination which is knocking at the door. Please, don't worry about my preparation. I can confidently tell you that my preparation has been quite good. I'm continuously working hard to take myself one step ahead. I've already revised English, Math, and other science subjects twice. You know that I was weak in Bangla and religion. But, through my heart and soul effort, I've been able to have a better command of these two subjects. Moreover, I'm regularly joining classes and talking with my subjective teachers who are taking special care to clarify my understanding. Besides, I've made in-depth notes on all the subjects and I'm revising them, again and again, to develop better insight before sitting in the exam hall. Furthermore, I share my problem in the Facebook group our college has created for us. This group instantly provides us with the required feedback and the solutions to the problems we have. Please, tell mom not to be anxious about the coming exam, and pray for me so that I can keep your head high. 

Your loving son


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