Application to the Principal of Your College  for a Stipend

26 October 2022

The Principal
Insight University College

Subject: Prayer for a Stipend  

With due respect and honor, I would like to state that I am one of the serious and studious students of class twelve, with roll number 1 in your renowned institution. I would like to inform you that I have two sisters and two brothers who are also students. However, it is a matter of sorrow that my father who is an honest and brilliant school teacher is the only earner in our family. As he does not like to practice tuition, his income is too little to bear the expense of our big family which consists of 9 members. Therefore, it will be very difficult for me to continue my study further unless you grant me financial help from the students' welfare fund. 
I, therefore, pray and hope that you will be kind enough to take my issue into your consideration and grant me a stipend so that I can continue my study without any disruption. 

Sincerely yours
Kalpana Banerjee
Class Twelve
Roll - 1
Insight University College


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