19 September

119, Dit Road, Gulshan

Dear Salman, 

News of your father's sudden demise has shocked us all. Still, my family and I can't believe that he is no more. He was a genuine well-wisher of our family. His presence used to matter a lot to us. Honestly speaking he also loved me a lot, and he was my guide too. So, his death has been a great loss for my family and me. My family and I will miss him a lot. I've no words to console you. I just pray to God to give you enough strength to bear such an irreparable loss. You are the eldest son of your family. You should take care of the mental health of the other members of your family at this time. Moreover, your exam is coming very nearby. Therefore, I request you to accept the reality very soon. Please never hesitate to seek any help from my family and me. We would love to stand by your family. 

Offer my best regards to your mom and love to the younger one. 

Yours ever,

 Synonyms & Antonyms





Immediate, abrupt, quick, unusual, unanticipated


Anticipated, foreseen, expected, predicted

 1. It was an immediate decision taken by the government/company.

2. It was the outcome of a quick change of mind. 

3. We cannot take abrupt action.

4. It is an anticipated action.

5. His success is an expected one. 



Downfall, failure, extinction, collapse, death


Success, birth, commencement, construction


           1. I felt shocked to know the sudden death of your father.

       2.      It was a great failure in his life.

       3.      Global warming is causing the extinction of many animals.

       4.      Hard and intelligent work bring success.

       5.      They were waiting for the commencement of the trial.



Upset, afraid, dismayed, offended, stunned


Unsurprised, expecting, anticipative,


1.       News of his sudden demise made me totally upset.

2.       Her behavior made us afraid.

3.       Don’t get dismayed if you cannot do well in the examination.

4.       I was expecting her huge success.

5.       I am extremely sorry if I have offended you.



Natural, honest, pure, 


Doubtful, unreal, false, dishonest 


 1. It was the natural feeling he showed toward her.

2. It was an honest response on her part.

3. We are doubtful about her words. 

4. It was a dishonest response we noticed in him.

5. . This is a false Facebook profile. 



Calm, encourage, cheer, comfort


Torture, trouble, upset, distress


1. My words will fail to calm you. 
2. Taking physical exercise can cheer us. 
3. Natural beauty always comforts us.
4. City life sometimes upsets us.
5. Increase amount of carbon-di-oxide will surely trouble us.



Incurable, cureless,  cureless, broken, irremediable


Repairable, fixable, mendable

 1. He is suffering from a disease that is incurable.

2. Cancer is an irremediable disease.

3. This broken chair is fixable.

4. The destruction he had brought may be repairable. 

5. He has been suffering from an incurable disease. 



Truth, existence, actuality, certainty, genuineness 


Theory, falseness, hypothesis, fantasy, imagination

 1. Truth should be rewarded. 

2. Falseness should be punished

3. The parts of this shop ensure genuineness.

4. He lives in fantasy.

5. It looks fantastic in theory, not in reality.



Doubt, delay, wait,  


Decide, continue, believe, rush, trust

 1. Do not doubt to take regular physical exercise. 

2. We should not delay doing good for others.

3. We should continue doing good for others.

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