The pie chart indicates how a student spends time sleeping, doing homework, studying at school, playing games and sports, confirming recreation, and eating meals. Overall, sleeping and doing homework make up more than half of his time. 

It is clearly evident from the chart that sleeping and doing homework cover 58% of his time. Each contributes 29%. A significant portion of his time which is 17% is used up at school. It is the second highest in percentage. Taking meals takes the least amount of time which is only 4%. Playing games and sports and recreation consist up 21% of his time. While he spends  13% of his time on games and sports, he spends 8% on recreation. Thus, he uses up almost half of his total time on education, and he lets food consumption take too little time from him. He also gives reasonable importance to games and sports and recreation. 

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Note: Information taken in the chart is imaginary


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