An Email to Your Mother about Hostel Life


My Dear Mother,

Take my love from the core of my heart. I hope you all are well. I am fine too. Now I am writing to you in response to your letter that let me know that you are eagerly waiting to know about my hostel life. I am very happy and excited to let you know that our hostel ensures all sorts of facilities. As a student, I am very lucky that our hostel has a reached library with various books, two Bangla and two English daily newspapers, and a few magazines. Therefore, we the students can spend our free time reading interesting books, newspapers, and magazines necessary for the academic journey. Moreover, there is a hostel common room which ensures our recreational facilities to a great extent. We watch TV, play indoor games such as ludo, chess, carom, etc., and gossip with one another in our common room. Furthermore, our hostel ensures good foods which are healthy and hygienic and keeps the surroundings neat and clean. Above all, our hostel super is a gentle and caring person who does everything to ensure a quality life for us. Honestly speaking, I am spending a fine time here. I hope that hostel facilities will give me an uninterrupted academic journey. So, don't worry about anything. No more today. My best regards to you and dad.  

Your loving son

Arup Roy

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