19 September 2022

190, DIT Road, Gulshan

Dear Dad,

I received your letter yesterday. I'm very happy to know that you all are well. I'm also fine. Now, I'm writing to respond to your letter in which you wanted to know about my progress in study. 

You will be pleased to know that I've developed an enormous passion for studying. In fact, reading books has been my habit. I often go to bookshops at Nilkhet and buy books. I also spend hours at my college library. If necessary, I borrow books against my library card. This habit of reading books is not only enriching my mind but also helping me understand my textbooks better. I've also made some friends who are not only good students but also book lovers. I frequently discuss various topics with them. I would like to inform you that I've already finished reading all of my textbooks. My responses to the classes are being praised by all the subject teachers. I hope that I will make a good result in the following exam. 

Please, keep praying for me, and I request you not worry about me. If God wishes, I'll surely be able to keep your face. 

Yours affectionately

Synonyms and Antonyms





Jolly, cheerful, joyful, glad, ecstatic, elated


Sad, unfortunate, miserable, disturbed,

1. My writings give me an ecstatic feeling.

2. It was an unfortunate situation.

3. Her miserable condition cannot be described in words.

4. I was completely disturbed by her words.

5. A visit to a new place makes me cheerful. 




Learn, experience, appreciate, realize, recognize, see


 miss, overlook, ignore, confuse, misunderstand


1. Do you know the story?

2.  I want to learn its history.

3. Don't miss the story.

4. Never confuse me.

5. I missed the important chapter of the story. 




Happy, satisfied, contended, charmed, appreciative


Unhappy, dissatisfied, 

 1. The beauty of the scenery has charmed us. 

2.  She felt happy to be there.

3. Are you satisfied with her performance? 

4. She is an unhappy person.

5. The owner was dissatisfied with the way the employees are working.




Development, advance, growth, improvement, increase


Failure, halt, stoppage, deterioration, hindrance.


 1. according to Plato, our body is the hindrance to our mind.

2. Failure is the pillar of success.

3. His constant effort has resulted in a huge improvement.

4. Burning fossil fuel leads to the increase of carbon-di-oxide in the environment. 

5. Lack of physical activity caused both mental and physical deterioration. 




Massive, huge, gigantic, mammoth, immense


Small, ordinary, little, insignificant


1. The blue whale is a gigantic animal.

2. A leader of a company has to carry out massive responsibility. 

3. He is not an ordinary person.

4. I help the little boy.

5. We should avoid the insignificant issue.




Essential, needed, crucial, unavoidable, required


Optional, trivial, minor, additional, inessential

 1. Government should take the required steps to stop corruption.

2. Corruption is not a minor issue.

3. A minor issue can bring massive failure.

4. Agriculture was my optional subject.

5. It was an unavoidable situation. 




Hire, adopt, espouse, take on, take up


Return, forfeit, lend, give


1. He forfeited his property.

2. I hired two players from our national team.

3. They have decided to adopt a child.

4. She returned his gift.

5. I will pay for the lunch.




Often, regularly, again and again, usually,


Rarely, seldom, uncommonly


 1. I often go to our college library.

2. He seldom does his homework.

3. She regularly visits her village home.

4. A good student is usually serious about his studies.

5. We have to do it again and again.

A Letter to Your Brother Advising Him to be Sincere and Attentive to His Study 

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