7 October 2022
119 DIT Road, Gulshan

Dear Ratan,
I became highly pleased to know from your letter I received on the 4th instant that you obtained GPA 5 in the H.S.C. examination. I would like to offer my heartiest congratulations on your brilliant effort. Though you fell sick before the exam, your sickness couldn't stop you from carrying out your duty. You really deserve this result. You have made all of us proud. 
This result will surely give you fuel in the movement of your future success. I know you are not going to sit back and bask in this success. You will surely buy the required books and start taking preparation for university admission. I've enough confidence in you that you'll surely get admitted into your chosen university and make us proud again. I shall be very glad if you can manage time and pay a visit to our house. 
Render my best regards and love to all.   

With lots of love


  1. Your website is becoming my daily companion.


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