An Email to the Chairman of Your Union Parishad for Repairing a Damaged Road of Your locality

Subject: Request to Repair a Damaged Road

Dear Sir, 
I on behalf of the inhabitants of the village Polok in Jamalgonj Union in the district Sunamgonj would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that the only important road in our village has been seriously damaged by the recent flood causing potholes here and there. So, water stands along the road. Sometimes the potholes are so big that people fall down and get drenched and injured. Moreover, the flood has also completely broken a big part of the road, and so local traders cannot take their crops to the local market for sale; common people cannot go to the market to buy their daily necessities; students cannot go to school and college. In short, people from all walks of life have been suffering due to such damage to the only important road.  
I would, therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to take the above-mentioned situation into your consideration and take the required steps as soon as possible to remove the untold sufferings of your local inhabitants. 

Sincerely yours
On behalf of the inhabitants of Polok,
Jamalgonj, Sunamgonj


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