Arup Roy, Lecturer in English Language & Literature, Kanchkura University College, Uttarkhan, Airport, Dhaka

The pie chart tells how different sources pollute the air in a certain city. Overall 85% of the city is polluted due to vehicles and factories. Vehicles create the highest pollution. They cause 45% air pollution. It means that almost half of the pollution is created by vehicles. The second highest pollution is created by factories. They account for 40%. Then comes cooking and domestic activities which cause 7% of air pollution. Railway engines and brickfields equally cause  6% of air pollution. The least air pollution is generated by powerhouses: only 2%.

This is how the pie chart highlights the ways of air pollution. It shows that vehicles and factories are greatly responsible for the air pollution of the city while the powerhouses create the least air pollution, making up only 2% of air pollution

Note: Information taken in the chart is imaginary


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