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application to the principal to take necessary steps to clean the campus

22 November 2022

The Principal
Insight University College

Subject: Application for Taking Necessary Steps to Clean the Campus

I, on behalf of the students of your renowned college, would like to state that ours is a big educational institution where more than two thousand students come to attend classes from many parts of the city. However, it is a matter of sorrow that it has been more than a month since the sweeper who used to clean our campus left the job. As a result, our beloved learning place has turned into an uncomfortable and unhealthy one. The whole campus is full of garbage. Not only the bad smell is spreading from there, but various diseases are also being born. The campus has been a mosquito breeding place. Some of our students have already been diagnosed with dengue fever. We all have become very afraid of such a dirty environment.  Moreover, due to the bad smell, we feel very uncomfortable and cannot pay attention to the valuable classes. Therefore, we all are desperately looking forward to getting rid of such an unhygienic environment that is not only spreading diseases but also interrupting our academic journey. 

We are, therefore, seeking your kind consideration in taking prompt steps to appoint one or two sweepers who can regularly clean the campus and restore the healthy environment we need for our uninterrupted academic journey.   

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