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Informal Letter

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Graph & Chart

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Higher Secndary Grammar

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Introduction to Literature

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Summary and Theme

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Write a Dialogue on Planting Trees

Rahim: Hey Karim, have you heard about the importance of planting trees? Karim:…

Write a Dialogue about the Necessity of Reading Newspaper

Jamal: Hey Kamal, have you read today's newspaper? Kamal: Not yet, why do…

Write a Dialogue on "Your Aim in Life"

Namira: Hey, Salma, how are you doing? Salma: I'm doing well, thanks. I'…

Write a Dialogue on the bad Effects of Smoking

Hrishi: Hello Jaman, how are you? Jaman: I'm not okay. I'm struggling …

Write a Dialogue on Mobile Phone

Salma: Hey, have you noticed how much we rely on mobile phones? Sadia: Yeah, it…

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Rohan: Hey, have you noticed that you feel more productive when you wake up ear…

Application to the Principal for Setting up a Computer Lab in College

!1 February 2023 The Principal  United Public School & College, Jamalpur…

Your Visit to a Place of Historical Interest

Bangladesh, rich in history and culture, has many places with significant histo…

Your Childhood Memories

Childhood is a special time in everyone's life, filled with innocence, joy,…

Your Favorite Pastime

Doing something for enjoyment, fun, and relaxation in our free time is known as…

Synonyms & Antonyms - Class Number Five

Words Synonyms Antonyms Sentences Glimpse (Noun) gla…

Synonyms and Antonyms (Class Four)

Words Synonyms Antonyms Sentences Apprehend suspect, …

25. Describe the graph that represents a comparative study of death rate due to different diseases of Bangladesh and Switzerland

The graph illustrates how people of Bangladesh and Switzerland die of different…

24. Describe the graph that shows 'Life Expectancy at Birth' from 2016 to 2022

The graph shows how life expectancy at birth in Bangladesh constantly increased…

Write a Paragraph on 'Pahela Baishakh'

Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the Bangla new year, is the biggest and most …

Write an Application to the Principal of Your College Requesting him/her to Grant You a Leave of Absence for Three Days

23 December 2022 The Principal Insight University College, Dhaka Sub: Applica…

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