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Class IX | Activity 5.3.2 | Now, read the following text and do the matching activity to check our understanding of the text.

Conversation Confidence: Unlocking the Power of effective communication In to…

Class IX | Activity 5.3.1 | Read the following note in the box on ‘The writing techniques for problem-solution text’ and share your understanding in pairs/ groups. Later, share it with the whole class.

Understanding the writing techniques for problem-solution text involves several…

Class IX | Activity 5.2.2 | Now, reflect on the steps you have followed in doing Activity 5.2.1 and tick the steps you have followed from the given list to solve the problems.

The Steps Yes No Identify the problem …

Class IX | Activity 5.2.1 | Let’s find out our problems and solve them! To do that, first form groups of 4-6. In groups, discuss and write on a piece of paper 2-3 of your problems that need to be solved immediately. Then, drop it in the selected box. Later, pick one piece of paper from the box and discuss the possible solutions to the problems in groups, and suggest some solutions. Finally, share the solutions with the class.

1. Form Groups Assign  students to groups of four to six.  2. Identify Pr…

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