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English is an international language or "lingua Franca" as people speak and use it everywhere. It seems to be the case, therefore, that anywhere around 1000 million people in the world speak English, and of that huge number, a significant minority speak it as a second language and foreign language. English is no longer the language of English people. But, today, it has become a common language of the people of the whole world. In fact, in the era of globalization, everyone knows the importance of learning English. With the expansion of trade and commerce, new avenues of employment in business processes, outsourcing, and multinational companies, the importance of learning English has a demand. "Every door is filled with gold, but it only opens of the golden key" as such knowledge of the world opens its eye only to the people who have the golden key of the English language. Therefore, people require the requisite skills in English while dealing with different situations in day-to-day life. 

This website can be highly beneficial in many ways for those who want to learn English comprehensively. First, it will show the learners the proper direction and process of learning the language. The learners will find the materials in an organized manner. Secondly, this website is going to be a regime of reading and writing. To be specific, students can develop the habit of reading everything in English. We know that the best way of learning a language is to use it. Therefore, if the learner develops the habit of reading in English, they will surely be able to be autonomous learners soon. Maximum students try to learn grammatical rules by using their mother tongue. Therefore, in many cases, their learning ends up in learning about the language, not the language. Surely, there is no scope to give reduced emphasis on grammar. But, we need to learn grammar in such a manner so that grammar follows us. It means that we should use the language--we need to read in English; we need to practice speaking; we need to develop writing practice regularly; we need to listen as much as we can. We should keep in mind that making mistakes while using the language is part of writing. But, we need a mentor who can detect and fix our mistakes and errors. If we can avoid making the same mistake twice, we can be able to upgrade ourselves regularly. This is the third benefit the learners will get. Each and every comment of the learners will be assessed seriously. Their mistakes and errors will be detected and fixed in a confidential manner: learners are supposed to receive required feedback. Fourthly, the website is going to offer many courses you can see in the main menu under the "OUR COURSES" section. 

The website has two clear objectives: 

dealing with grammar and literature and providing materials regarding grammar and literature in English so that learners find the opportunity to use the language.

The grammatical part will respond to the following aims and objectives:

  • help the viewers learn English effectively and easily. 
  • make the lessons interesting.  
  • help students secure a good grade in their academic careers.
  • help general people to cope up with the job-related exam.
  • make the learners fit to survive well in this era of globalization.
  • make the learners capable to communicate with other brothers from other parts of the globe.
  • help the learners properly deal with technology where English is the medium of instruction.
  • how can you deal with literature without learning English?
  • help the English department students a lot.

The website will follow the following ways to develop the skills of our learners:

  • provide comprehensive worksheets for the learners.
  • learners can consult and solve their problems.
  • the academic syllabus will be covered
  • take classes in response to routine
  • a number of books for grammatical and conversational purposes are followed
  • home works, class works, group work, oral tests are taken regularly
  • learners are also given assignments regularly  
  • provide special English course which will help the learners deal with daily life
  • English speaking environment will be ensured which will help the learners think in English
  • will combine academic and special English

Understanding any literature requires understanding its language. If you want to understand Bengali literature, you must have a thorough command of its language. So, if you want to understand Bengali literature, you must have a thorough command of its language. So, if you want to understand English literature, you have to have a good command of the English language. There is no scope of underestimating the language if you want to enjoy the reap of reading English literature. But, it has been observed that educational institutions have shown reduced emphasis on grammar. Therefore, quality education is suffering. Grammar not only helps a reader and listener understand the text better but also helps a writer and speaker express his thought better. So, the page will thoroughly discuss English grammar.

The page will elaborately discuss English grammar in English. It will help the learners think in English. It is observed that learners learn only the rules of the target language but the usage of language is very limited. As a result, though they learn about the language, they cannot use the language. If you cannot use the language efficiently, what benefit can you get from learning only the rules of language? They try to translate while they go to speak or write the target language. This process slows down their fluency. Their speech sounds unnatural. So, if they learn English grammar in English, it will not only help generate correct language but also will help them find English expressions. Therefore, the usage of the language will become more fluent, natural, and spontaneous.  

In general, literature means any written or spoken material. So, from that perspective, what we read in the newspaper is literature; what our students read in their textbook, be it physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, theology, etc. is literature. A vast number of written matter is coming out of the printing press every day and occupying our shelves of libraries. But this website is dedicated to what we call literature proper which refers to the work of creative imagination. It especially means poetry, prose, and drama. 

An important issue we should remember is that reading literature can not only help a learner find expressions but also can help a learner unfold his mind. Literature is the reflection of the human mind. Reading the literature of a particular community means knowing the mind of that community, knowing the dream, wish, and aspiration of that community. Yes, human beings cannot live the way they want. They must live in a way that is not only progressive but also meaningful, ideal, and human. Literature leads us to that path of supremacy because literature teaches us how we should live. To be specific literature deals with one question: how should we live? This is an ethical question, isn't it? When we go to deal with that question, we actually make our life more refined, more human. We can also say that literature is a mirror of society. We cannot understand literature unless we understand the fact that we are actually reading life. In life, there is joy; there is sorrow; there is an adventure; there is romance; there are hopes and aspirations. So is literature. There is romance, tragedy, comedy, etc. Therefore, the page will also deal with literature in such a way so that learners can find proper guidelines and materials regarding literature.

The website will familiarize students of literature with poetic tools (prosodic and rhetorical devices) which make the language of literature different from ordinary or journalistic language or our print or electronic media is used to spread the news. 

The website will also discuss the historical background of English literature. Without knowing civilizational history, reading English literature is useless. Each and every age has its own way of life; each and every age has its own doctrine, belief, and boundary or limitation. If you know them, you can understand their literature better.

Literature is also studied in relation to theories. Many theories have evolved with the course of time such as Marxism, capitalism, feminism, colonialism, etc. 

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