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 20 September 2022

119, DIT Road, Gulshan

Dear Rohit,

I received a letter from mom a few days back. From the letter I came to know that you are not doing good in English though you are a good student. Probably, you are not taking this subject seriously. It is high time you knew the importance of the subject and paid full attention to it. As English is an international language, it is used widely throughout the world. You need the language to communicate with other brothers from other corners of the globe, to operate modern technology such as computers, mobile phones, etc., to earn a higher degree from abroad, to run a multinational company throughout the world, to ensure a good job, etc.  Honestly speaking, you can have thousands of reasons for which you should have a good command of the language. Without it, you'll have to lead a confined life. I hope that you can understand the importance of learning English and take it seriously.   

No more today. More when I will come home next month. Give my regards to mom and dad. 

Yours ever
Your elder brother

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