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an Application to the Principal of Your College Seeking Permission to Stage a Drama in the College Auditorium

27 October 2022

The Principal 
Insight University College

Subject: Seeking Permission to Stage a Drama
I, on behalf of the students of your college, beg to inform you that we want to stage Munir Chowdhury's famous drama "Roktakto Prantor" in our college auditorium on 16th December to celebrate the victory day. Almost all the students of the college are very excited about staging the drama. Some students of our college will play different roles of the drama. The drama will surely instill the spirit of our liberation war in our minds. Moreover, staging the drama will also engage us in sophisticated extra-curricular activities. We have already rehearsed the drama twice. Now, we want to continue to rehearse the drama under the guidance of the cultural committee of the college. We think that we need a small amount of money in the preparation of rehearsing and staging the drama. 

We therefore pray and hope that you would be kind enough to consider the above mentioned situation and take the necessary steps to engage the cultural committee in the process of guiding us and sanction TK 7000 (seven thousand) to bear the expenses.
Yours obediently
Arup Roy  
On behalf of the students
Of Insight University College

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