From: aruproy1000000&
Sent: Friday, November 26, 2021: 7:10

Sub: Requesting for booking a train ticket

Dear Sir,
I am one of the regular passengers of the Bangladesh Railway. I would like to inform you that I will have to reach Sylhet to join the marriage ceremony of my friend in the morning of the 15th December instant. Generally, I make my journey sitting on a comfortable chair. I want to book my ticket from your reputed travel agency because my journey is very important, and so I have to reach there in time. Therefore, I would request you to confirm a seat for me on that day. It would be better for me if you can manage a seat in the front row by a window. I am paying the charges through my credit card.

I, therefore, hope that you will book the ticket and inform me about the ticket as soon as possible.

Thanking You,
Arup Roy 


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