Email Your Pen Friend Inviting Him to Visit Bangladesh


Subject: An Invitation to Visit Bangladesh

Dear John,
The email in which you've described the beauty of your country to visit has made me feel thrilled. I feel very interested and excited to get lost in the beauty of your country. I also thank you for showing your earnest eagerness to know about my country. I'm highly passionate to let you know.

My country is known as the darling child of nature. It has some adorable tourist spots that can surprise you. Cox's Bazar is one of them. Its longest sea beach, fresh wind, and the sound of the sea waves will surely excite you. The next one is Saint Martin Island, locally known as 'Narikel' Jingira' (Coconut jinjira). It's 120 kilometers from Cox's Bazar district. So, after visiting Cox's Bazar you can go to Saint Martin. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh. Fresh blue water, rows of coconut trees, availability of sea fish, and a calm and quiet environment will surely soothe your mind, and remove the boredom of city life. Like Saint Martin Island and Cox's Bazar, there are so many tourist spots that are full of natural beauty. The Kuakata Sea Beach from where you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset, Sundarbans in Khulna, Madhabkunda waterfall in Srimongol, Tanguar Haor and Niladri Lake in Sunamgonj, Jaflong in Sylhet, tea garden in Moulvibazar, Shusong Durgapur of Birishiri are some of them which will offer you unique natural beauty.

Besides natural beauty, Bangladesh has architectural grandeur. You can visit Bagerhat's Sixty Dome Mosque which has been declared by UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites. Besides, you should visit our national parliament, Lalbag Fort, Kantajew Temple in Dinajpur, etc. They simply represent architectural wonders.  

Honestly speaking, you have so many other reasons to visit our beloved nation. The natural foods, the simplicity, and the hospitable nature of people will undoubtedly touch your heart. In short, it's impossible to let you know the holistic picture of my beloved country. So, I feel that it's the perfect time for you to visit Bangladesh. Now, I'll also be able to accompany you as my final exam is finished. Write me soon and let me know when you will come to visit our country. 

Render my best regards to your parents and all of your family members.      


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