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pahela baishakh paragraph
Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the Bangla new year, is the biggest and most important festival of Bengali culture. As it is a secular festival, people from all classes and communities celebrate it. In fact, the festival is spontaneously celebrated in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Therein lies the importance of Pahela Baishakh. By upholding our roots and centuries of tradition the festival binds the people of Bengali culture together irrespective of caste and creed. The day's biggest program organized by a leading cultural organization, Chaayanot is held at Ramna Batamul. Students and teachers from the Fine Arts institute of Dhaka University add a new color to the program through their creative works. People from every corner of the country join the program. The day's importance is also carried out by meetings and seminars organized by National Museum, National Press Club, and Bangla Academy. However, the festival is not limited to programs, meetings, and seminars within the capital city. Rather, many organizations from their respective local areas throughout the country also celebrate the day in a traditional manner. On the day, people eat fried Ilish with soaked rice. Women wear sarees and bangles and men wear pajamas and panjabis. Local businessmen open 'halkhata' and distribute sweets among their customers. In reply, customers are supposed to pay the dues they make throughout the year. 'Baishaki mela' (fair) is seen in rural areas. Different kinds of toys and foods found in the fair truly reflect Bengali roots and culture. In short, the festival creates a festive mood among people across the nation. All the local and national newspapers publish special supplements glorifying the Pahela Baishakh. Moreover, Electronic media with its peripheral qualities also play a vital role in spreading the beauty of the day among people at home and abroad.
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