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application about a leave of absence

23 December 2022

The Principal
Insight University College,

Sub: Application for a Leave of Absence for Three Days

I, one of the students in class 12 would like to state that I am a regular, serious, and sincere student of the Science group, possessing roll number 1. I would also like to inform you that the marriage ceremony of my elder sister will be held on 29 December. As I am the only son of my family, I will have to carry out some responsibilities necessary to help my father who has been handling everything single-handedly. Therefore, If I can stand by my father from 28 to 30 December, it will greatly assist him. 
I, therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to consider the above-mentioned situation and grant my leave request. 

Sincerely Yours
Class Twelve, Group: Science, Section: A, Roll: 1
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