Paragraph Writing Materials

 Paragraph List

Write a Paragraph on 'Road Accident'

Write a Paragraph on 'Traffic jam'

Metro Rail

Padma Bridge

National Mourning Day

Climate Change & Its Effect

Comparison and Contrast between Country and City Life 

Uses and Abuses of Satellite Channel 

Uses and Abuses of the Internet   

Uses and Abuses of Facebook

An Ideal Student

Environment Pollution

Human Rights

Food Adulteration

Importance of Learning English

The Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Empowerment of Women in Bangladesh

Write a Paragraph on 'A Rainy Day'


A Book Fair

Your Class Room

International Mother Language Day

Independence Day

A Railway Station

A bus Stand

Our College Magazine

Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones

Our College Library

Uses & Abuses of Mobile Phones

My Class Teacher   

Online vs Traditional Learning 

Write a Paragraph on 'Public University vs Private University

Online vs Traditional Learning

Democracy and Autocracy

Write a Paragraph on 'Pahela Baishakh'

Your Favorite Pastime 

A Moonlit Night

A Tea Stall

Life of a Farmer

Our National  Flag

My Class Teacher

The  Life of a Rickshaw Puller

Global Warming

An Ideal Teacher / A Proficient Teacher 

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