synonyms and antonyms - class number five


Words Synonyms Antonyms Sentences
Glimpse (Noun) glance, peek, look, stare, gaze, view 1. We enjoyed the glimpse of such scenic beauty. 2. I want to catch a glimpse of her.
Tradition (Noun) custom, heritage, culture ignorance, authenticity 1. Shat Gombuj Mosque has a long tradition. 2. Each country has its own tradition.
Community (Noun) group, association, company alienation, friendlessness, isolation 1. A community does not let one feel isolated. 2. We should not underestimate our community.
Instrument (Noun) device, tool, apparatus unobvious, requisition 1. It is a musical instrument. 2. A laptop can be a better instrument for modern people.
Artistic (Adjective) creative, expressive, imaginative unimaginative, ugly 1. She possesses artistic talent. 2. Nakshi kantha has artistic quality.
Craft (Noun) expertness, artlessness, ineptness incompetence, clumsiness 1. There will be a display of art and craft. 2. She had to perform her craft in public.
Indigenous (Adjective) native, domestic, local imported, non-native 1. Nakshi kantha is said to be indigenous to Bangladesh and West Bengal. 2. We have our own indigenous culture.
Rural (Adjective) pastoral, rustic, urban, city, town 1. Rural people are very simple. 2. People of rural areas hardly enjoy better civic facilities.
Quilt (Noun) blanket, bedspread, cover discomfort, exhale 1. Nakshi kantha is a kind of embroidered quilt. 2. The bed is covered with a beautiful quilt.
Commercial (Adjective) trade, business, mercantile nonsalable, unmarketable, 1. Nakshi kantha is being produced for commercial purposes.
Ethnic (Adjective) tribal, cultural, race-related nonracial, global, nonethnic 1. Ethnic people have their own languages. 2. Ethnic people live in rural areas.
Characteristics (Noun) trait, quality, feature atypical, eccentric, similar 1. An ideal student has some characteristics.
Staple (Adjective) main, principal, chief secondary, insignificant, subordinate 1. Rice is our staple food.
Weave (Verb) knit, fabricate demolish, destroy, ruin 1. Ethnic people weave their own clothes.
Bungles (Noun) bracelet, wristlet, anklet 1. Bungles used by the ethnic people are made from bungles.
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