synonyms and antonyms (class four)

Words Synonyms Antonyms Sentences
Apprehend suspect, understand, realize, arrest misconceive, misinterpret, 1. He could apprehend that something unexpected things would happen. 2. Police apprehended the criminal. 3. They correctly apprehended the situation.
Barricades barrier, blockade, obstacle, fence, roadblock aid, assistance, abetment 1. We need to ford barricades against our enemies. 2. He barricaded the door. The students barricaded themselves into their academic building.
Responsibility Duty, liability, obligation irresponsibility, exemption, discharge 1. It is our responsibility to behave well with others. 2. One of the responsibilities of a student is to study regularly.
Surround circle, besiege, release, free, 1. A beautiful wall surrounds our beloved campus. 2. Enemies surrounded the house.
Supportive caring, helpful, beneficial contradictory, opposing, disproving 1. My friend is very supportive. 2. A family always plays a supportive role.
Wireless radio, cellular, wi-fi, mobile cabled, wire, bound, attached 1. Now-a-days, wireless is getting popular. 2. She listens to wireless every day.
Anxiety concern, worry, apprehension serenity, calmness 1. Her anxiety about her gives her much pain. 2. Anxiety makes a man very dissapointed.
Provision supply, facilities, services removal, taking 1. The provisions of food stuffs are highly necessary. 2.The institution is looking for the provision of some god teachers.
Disguise camouflage, mask disclose, reveal, unmask 1.He disguised himself. 2. They had to disguise themselves to avoid their enemies.
Ignorant unschooled, uneducated, unaware untaught, educated, informed, knowledgeable 1. He was quite ignorant about the fact.
Vendor seller, hawker, buyer, customer, shopper 1. Sometimes, we are to buy vegetables and fruits from vendors.
Look after take care of, treatment overlook, forget, hurt 1. Anis sir look after our English subject.
Cordon Seal off, shut off, close free, let go, release 1. They finally broke through the police cordon.
Invigorate energize, rejuvenate, revive discourage, retard, tire 1. Walking in the morning simple invigorates us. 2. Her presence invigorated all of us.
Yet so far, still, until now likewise, also, hereafter

1. I am yet to finish my homework.

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