graph about death rate

The graph illustrates how people of Bangladesh and Switzerland die of different diseases and die from road accidents percentagewise. Overall the graph tells that people in Bangladesh die more than people in Switzerland. 
According to the graph, the least percentage of death happens in Bangladesh and Switzerland due to tuberculosis. 3% and 1% of death in Bangladesh and Switzerland respectively occur as a result of this disease. While the death rate related to cancer is 5% in Bangladesh, the rate is 2% in Switzerland. The death rate from infant mortality is also higher in Bangladesh. Though the death rate of infant mortality is 6% in Bangladesh, it is only 0.3% in Switzerland. The death related to road accident should also be controlled in Bangladesh because road accident takes 7% life in Bangladesh, but the death rate is only 1% in Switzerland. Then comes the death rate which occurs as a result of diabetics. Diabetics cause the second highest percentage of death. It is 11% and 3% in Bangladesh and Switzerland respectively. Finally, Heart attack takes the highest number of life. While 15% of death results from heart-attack in Bangladesh, it causes 23% of death in Switzerland. Thus, the graph presents a comparative study that shows that while more people die in Bangladesh as a result of tuberculosis, cancer, infant mortality, road accident, and diabetes in Bangladesh, Switzerland has a higher death rate in case of the heart-attack.   
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Note: Information taken in the graph is imaginary.


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