To the Chairman of Your Union Parishad for Sinking a Tube-well in Your Village


Subject: Email for Sinking a Tube-well in Our Village

Dear Sir,

I on behalf of the inhabitants of the Sutrapur village which is under your union would like to inform you that at least 300 families live in our village. But, it is a matter of regret that this big village has only one tube well which is at the edge of the village. So, people living on the other side of the village find it difficult to fetch pure drinking water from the tube well. Moreover, people are to wait in a big queue to collect water from the tube well.  Therefore, they, very often, are to fetch impure water from nearby ponds, canals, or rivers. As a result, the inhabitants always fall victim to waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, Escherichia (E. coli), Giardia, and different kinds of skin diseases.  

I would, therefore, request you to set up two more tube wells in our village and remove the constant sufferings of the inhabitants of the village of your union. 

Sincerely Yours,
Arup Roy
On behalf of the people of Sutrapur village, Kashimpur

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