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Paragraph on 'Public University vs Private University'

A university, be it private or public, provides students with a tertiary level of education. Though there are similarities between public and private universities, there lie dissimilarities also. Both private and public universities follow the same syllabus; their grading system is also alike; they follow the same teaching method; they teach the same academic content and deal with the same publishers' books. Moreover, both encourage students to be autonomous learners by guiding them in searching for a detailed explanation about their topics so that the learners can gain knowledge and skills required for their real life. However, there are obvious differences between private and public universities. Firstly, public universities are financed by the government. On the other hand, private universities are financed by the tuition fees of their students. Therefore, a public university is less expensive as far as tuition fees are concerned. Secondly, private universities are free of political violence. Whereas, politics is an integral part of a public university. As political violence can hamper the educational environment and create session jams, many students from conscious and affluent families tend to choose the private university. However, though some private universities have proven their excellence in education in terms of infrastructure, faculty, resources, environment, and dedication, many others are lagging behind. Specialists opine that maximum private universities do not have the required infrastructure. If students continue to increase, these universities will not be able to provide healthy accommodation facilities. Thirdly, choosing and studying a preferred subject is relatively easier at a private university. But studying a preferred subject at a public university requires tough competition. Fourthly, While public universities have residential facilities, private universities are yet to think about it. A hostel of a university can provide residential facilities at a cheap rate. Therefore, students who come from various parts of the nation to study at a private university face another burden. Fifthly, although public universities have transportation facilities that need to reach a better height, private universities have not run this service. Finally, we can say that though private sectors in comparison with the public ones are yet to develop to a satisfactory level in terms of infrastructure, accommodation, transportation, and the cost of the subjects they offer, private sectors are gaining popularity because they provide a political violence-free environment necessary for a smooth academic journey.  

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