The Founder

I worked as a Lecturer in English at Dhaka Public College and Stamford College before joining Kanchkura University College for the same. I have been working at Kanchkura University College since 28 October 2019. I chose this profession out of passion. I love to live in the regime of reading and writing. I love to read books and write my experience and observation. Though I completed my graduation and post-graduation from the English department, I also read books from other disciplines. I am also writing books. I have completed the first draft of an English grammar book in English--"Basic to Advanced English Grammar in English"; and, currently, I am writing books related to English literature. The probable titles of the books are: "Introduction to English Literature" and "A Comprehensive History of English literature". I love to share and exchange reading, writing, and observational experience with my students and others by lecturing in the classrooms, writing on my website named "Insight English Learning Domain" and posting videos on my YouTube channel--"Language & Literature". My Website Link is My YouTube Channel Link is

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